Taco Eyes

I was recently down in Hermosillo, Mexico for an international writer’s conference (what what) and learned a new phrase that I think applies well to PoolBoy. In Mexico (and prolly lots of other Latin American countries) they call hot dudes/chicas “Taco de Ojo” which translates essentially to “Eye Candy” but since my spanish es muy lame-o, I will just call hot dudes I see “Taco Eyes”

and speaking of Taco Eyes, Mexico is full of them! I am currently obsessed with this taco eyes, who I met while down in Hermosillo:

Hello! Yeah ladies, Taco Eyes!

I think you can apply the label Taco Eyes to just about any dude that goes in your Boner Jamz file, so go crazy on the taco eyes ladies.

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  • October 30, 2009 at 5:33 am

    boner jamz? what is this, a tranny blog?


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