This week has been fucking LOOOOOONGGGGGG like a dong. And I am so happy it’s friday. So here’s some more goodies to get you through the day:

R. Kelly’s Real Talk: Behind the Scenes:

REAL TALK = Genius.
There is nothing better than R. Kelly’s Kaufman-esque genius of a video that is Real Talk: Behind The Scenes.
What they eat don’t make us shit. Real talk for real.

The “Hugh Laurie: Ways I Want to Hit That” blog
Ever think about boning that dude on House? That’s what the author of this blog thinks about ALL THE TIME. My fave line:

We could be anglerfish, and I would let you attach yourself to my belly with your tooth and become my own personal sperm bank.

Yeah! Hot.

And finally, think about doing This this weekend:

Have a good one ladies.

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