The Iranian Presidential Election fallout

The Guardian has some great coverage of what’s going on in Iran right now

it’s pretty crazy and pretty apparant (from what i’ve read) that the elections were not legitimately conducted.

Feministing blogger Roja
is calling what’s going on in Iran right now a “nightmare”:

People who have been disenfranchised are protesting in Tehran and other cities. You can see some photos on flickr.

Text messaging services were cut off on the day of election and Ahmadinejad was declared as the victor only a few hours after the election was over. Election statistics were being announce in a very fishy manner with no detail about which cities and provinces were being counted (completely different from how things were done in all other elections in Iran). Campaign headquarters of other candidates were raided and military was present across Tehran.

…Today Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and most websites of other candidates have been blocked, cellphone connections were shut down in Tehran, political figures have been arrested and people have been beaten and bloodied in the streets. Meanwhile foreign reporters have been asked to leave.


there are some amazing photos of the protests out there though, the flickr link above really shows the aftermath, these are from the Guardian:

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