The PoolBoy Dirty Summer Mojito

Hi everyone, my name is Doris Miller and I am a new contributor to the PoolBoy blog. I am one part of the very excellent musical arts and crafts band The Perfect Lady Housewives and I love to discuss music, do-it-yourself projects and being awesome.

I am very excited and happy to be here and for my very first post, I present you with a fantastically simple recipe for one of the best summer drinks out there. I also added a PoolBoy twist to the drink and made it “dirty”!

The Perfect PoolBoy Dirty Summer Mojito by Doris Miller

Mojitos are an age-old cocktail of Cuban orgin. Though the drink’s exact history is a little muddy, it can be traced back to the 16th century and the Spanish invasion of Cuba. Many cocktail-ists link the drink’s birth to Cuba’s African slaves, brought to the island to work in the sugar cane fields. Mojito purists often use sugar cane juice instead of sugar crystals when making their Mojitos. The name means “a little wet” and it’s perfect for a hot summer night. So let’s get a little wet shall we?

Ingredients needed to make 1 perfect PoolBoy Dirty Mojito:
1/2 a Lime
6 Mint leaves
2 spoonfuls of brown sugar
1 shot of brown rum
Soda Water
Ice cubes
wooden spoon or muddler
2 cups – 1 for mixing, 1 for your final drink

In a mixing cup pour the shot of brown rum.
Traditional Mojitos are made with clear white rum but since we’re a porn magazine, I thought the dirtier the better. Brown rum gives the drink a “dirty” look but doesn’t change the taste.

Take the Mint leaves, tear them up with your fingers and add them to the cup.
You can buy Mint at the grocery store but it’s more exciting to cultivate it on your own! Buy a starter plant from your local farmer’s market or nursery and place it in a well draining pot in the sun and water when needed. If you have an herb garden, you can also plant Mint in the ground, but beware, Mint can grow rapidly and can take over a garden if left unattended!

Cut the 1/2 lime up into smaller slices.
Don’t forget to cut a slice of lime for a garnish and set it aside. Squeeze out the juice in the remaining slices into the cup with the rum and mint. Then throw the slices in the cup.

Pour 1 and 1/2 spoonfuls of brown sugar into the cup (you can throw in less/more based on your taste preferences).
Again, brown sugar adds to the “dirty” feel of this PoolBoy drink!

With a wooden spoon or muddler, mash up the rum, mint, sugar and lime in the cup until you feel it’s well mashed and mixed.

Put the ice cubes in your drink cup and then dump your drink mixture from the mixing cup into your drink cup.
I dump everything in when I make my Mojitos, the mint, the limes etc. If you don’t like a lot of things floating in your mixed drinks, use a strainer to add only the liquid mixture to your drink cup.

Fill up the rest of your drink with the soda water.

Add the lime slice to garnish

Enjoy your drink in the company of attractive men and get a little wet!

I like to enjoy my Dirty Mojito with a nice Cuban cigar by the pool. Here’s to Summer!

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