Vroom vroom!

Sure, here at PoolBoy Magazine we do a lot of dirty mojito sippin’, pool loungin’ and hot dude boners indulgin’. We have other interests too!

I, for one, have always fancied myself to be an amateur gearhead. I love car shows and I know what I’m doing when I poke my head into an engine. Sure it helps that my panties dampen when a dude starts talking about his dually. But that’s just a bonus!

I recently discovered Throttle Gals Magazine, put out by two badass chicks – Trish Horstman and Doni Langdon – whose love affair with all things gearhead has been revvin’ since birth.

I just picked up Issue #2, which features loads of great features for all your mechanical crushes, including a write-up about Kali, a lady who rocks a sweet harley and owns & operates a veterinary hospital, some historical insight on Women Airforce Service Pilots, How to do an exhaust system upgrade on a bike, tech tips, book reviews… it goes on!!

I am in love with this magazine. I think they did a spectacular job putting out material for women who love engines like Bridezillas love their drama.

They’re currently working on Issue #3, and I have to admit, I have a full-on girl crush for Trish and Doni. How could you not love women with passion and the drive to put out such a great magazine! If you know a certain lady who likes her truck, car, bike or supporting other bad-ass women, I def recommend picking up an issue.

Keep up the good work, ladies!!

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