Weed and Orgasms

Weed is on the rise in our time. In my opinion it is on its way to being legalized, even with all of the chaos and bullshit going on in the United States and across the globe. It is still becoming an even more public act and pivotal part of society and American culture. What my mind has been on recently is Weed and Orgasms. I have discovered that I have been having incredible multiple orgasms, all while I have been stoned. I have also managed to pay attention to the strain I have been smoking that has been granting me (with the assistance of my lover of course) these radical orgasms. Gorilla Wreck is a hybrid of two hybrids, Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies. It may hit every person differently of course, but for me lately the batches we have been getting are stellar! And for me that means giving me enough energy to be productive and relaxed, then takes me down to a happy chill. Then depending on how tired I am, I get the sweetest weed sleep ever. To prove my point, it has been making sex awesome! My partner and I have been rolling a huge J and smoking the whole thing, then allowing the euphoria to take over. It makes my horniness and excitement more intense.

It gives me the stamina to ride much more fierce than usual. And that of course for me stimulates the clit. The sexual path takes its course, feeling different each time. While on top, I of course cum a few times (my easy get off position). My dude happens to be an excellent man, and goes down on me as much as possible. And tho he is wonderful on his own, the Gorilla Wreck adds an intensity A girl could scream for! the finale is always different of course, but by the end I am happy, exhausted, thirsty, and ready for bed. So I definitely recommend you cuddling up with someone special (or maybe just fun) and some Gorilla Wreck and let the magic take over.

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