What?! Safe abortion leads to decline in abortions?

Get your head out of your ass. Yes, according to NPR, liberal abortion laws lead to a decline in abortions.

Is it because with relaxed abortion restrictions contraception is more often available? Or perhaps because when you let women control their reproductive health they opt for abortions less often because really, no one wants to have an abortion. I feel like the anti-choice side likes to make it seem like people that defend abortion are all rushing to the nearest clinic to get them one a those handy dandy abortions. The reality is that everyone wants less abortions. It’s just been proven that:

“legal abortion does not cause abortion,” Sue Cohen, director of government affairs at Guttmacher tells us. “And illegal abortion does not make abortion go away.”

Legal abortion means women are given correct information and access to contraception so that they are able to decide when and how to get pregnant, or not. So yay for less abortions and yay for reproductive rights!

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