What the what?!

Apparently for some people crazy Sarah Palin just isn’t crazy enough. According to Mother Jones, “For the Denver-based American Right to Life, when it comes to abortion, Palin is as impure as any godless feminist.” Palin and feminist in the same sentence, for shame!

The ARTL contests that Palin has bedded down with the heathen feminists as exampled by her description of “the morning after pill as contraception rather than an abortifacient,” and by “Palin’s statement to the Anchorage Daily News that she opposes the “use of public funds for elective abortions.” This means, according to ARTL, that Palin supports taxpayer funding for non-elective abortions.” “

So wait…they’re saying we should call Palin anti-choice because of that stuff instead of her stats on reproductive rights? These stats are hard to overlook: Palin’s “hometown required women to pay for their own rape examinations while she was mayor, a practice her police chief fought to keep as late as 2000” or “Alaska has the worst record of any state in rape. The rape rate in Alaska is 2.5 times the national average.” Kinda makes you wonder what Palin’s doing for women if she’s not protecting them from violence. Oh yeah, she’s probably fighting for the rights of their possible unborn fetuses instead. Unless the you might die during child birth. Then abortion is okay. But not if you’re raped. Then the kid is still tops. So you better hope you have a chance of dying if you want to toss that bun.

ARL also doesn’t like Palin for teaming up with that ole’ knight of women’s health, John McCain, “whom the National Right to Life Committee dubbed a “significant threat to future advances by the pro-life movement” back in 2000. (It endorsed him in 2008.)” But McCain went and got crazy enough to satisfy the National Right to Life! Is he still not enough of a cowboy for ARL’s high standards? Damn, thems some harsh parents.

Beware the ARTL though, in their fanatical self-grandising they believe they have some clout. Did you know it was not Mormonism nor tying the family dog to the top of the car on vacation (see Romeny’s Cruel Canine Vacation),that did Mitt Romney in last year, as well all thought? No no, it was actually the ARTL making some crazy commercials that aired in South Carolina and Iowa outing Romney as a fake anti-choicer. Of course, the ARTL spokesman points out that while they “can’t say don’t vote for Mitt Romney, but you can say Romney is the son of the devil and if you vote for him you’ll go to hell.” Nothin’ like scarin’ some hicks into believing you! (heart you iowa)

What’s more frightening than how radical these people have to be to consider Sarah Palin pro-choice, is that people like that actually exist. I have to admit though, I’m sort of glad there are some people from the dark side protesting crazy pants Palin. Maybe if both sides hate her she’ll go rouge back in Alaska and fade from the national consciousness.

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