Who Knew Sepia Tones Could Be So Hot?

We’ve all seen and salivated over the hotties of today, but what about the hotties of yore?  Thanks to My Daguerrotype Boyfriend, we can admire these men from afar (or more accurately, our tumblr dashboard).

Like this guy, Les Darcy.  Australian, middleweight boxer, blacksmith.  What’s not to like?  (clitical sass, this aussie’s for you.)


This dude looks like Josh Hartnett and fought for Irish Independence.  Win/Win.

Reading Paradise Lost became bearable once I saw the accompanying artwork by Gustave Doré :



And finally, Robert Cornelius, branded “the original daguerrotype boyfriend,” whose smoldering look and perfectly weathered image may be the first hipster to be captured on plate.

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