Why Do Women Have Sex?

Uhhhh…..yeah. I couldn’t resist clicking on a link on Yahoo News that read “Why Do Women Have Sex?”
I was expecting something hilarious and I was not let down. First off Yahoo News ran the story, copied from US News (a bastion of……..), which ran the story of a study done in Texas (only in Texas folks…only in Texas), AT A UNIVERSITY mind you, which polled women about why they had sex.

And guess what the researchers said?
women aren’t all that different from men.

Damn that was probably a couple grand in research grants down the drain.

They found that the number one reason women had sex? They were attracted to their partner and are seeking sexual pleasure. WHAT?!?!??! Impossible!!!!

That’s right guys, want more love from your lady? Do some fucking sit ups and give good head.

They also got some hilarious answers like:
Many women said they had sex to bring them closer to God.

That’s definitely my reason for sex!
I’m always like “oh god! oh god!”

Read the entire news story here for more laughs at what’s going on in Texas

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