Worst of Playgirl

While we were doing research for PoolBoy we decided to check out Playgirl magazine to see what our “competition” was up to. Needless to say, it was more hilarious than sexy. Totally fake poses, nasty waxed peen, beefed up dudes with boners and nowhere to go.


I was going to post some of the best pictures we found in the three back issues of Playgirl that we bought at Fascinations (including one gentleman squatting in only a cowboy hat, boots, AND a bandana with his rifle) but I found this awesome site instead:

Worst of Playgirl
features an array of actual photos from vintage Playgirls set to some hilarious commentary (“PUSSY TICKLES just looking at this guy’s bristly whiskers!”)

So go on and get your fill of 70s staches and hairier-than-thou balls.

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