Your brain on Durex

At first I thought these new Durex ads were pretty sweet. They’re so simple and sometimes when having sex it can feel like one’s whole body is just a sea of single thoughts. But some of the thoughts on these ads are a little creepy. I get the “tasty” in her throat and “satisfied” and “contented” running up her legs and even the “fruit” that her loins are thinking (and “tousled” in her hair is great), but what’s with her boobs thinking “boobs” over and over? My boobs are usually thinking “touch me!” when I find myself in this position.

And what’s with the dude’s body mostly thinking “fatal error” while his man parts suddenly become “intelligence” and “wisdom”? I haven’t met a lot of dudes whose dicks struck me as suddenly wise and intelligent when they found said cock in my mouth.

Want to see what ladies are thinking when we’re actually getting some deep dicking? The Sexist breaks down how female orgasms happen in mythological afterlives while Jezebel takes us through where “confused” comes in while ladies ride on top (see below).

“The most annoying thing about these ads is that they have the potential to be really good – if they made a little more sense. The female body is shown as a complex textbook of emotions, while men are reduced to one single thought (or less). Naturally, Krahne wants to play up the sexy part of sex, but wouldn’t it be funnier if the oral sex-woman was thinking about “suction,” “teeth,” “knee pain” or if we wanted to be really honest, “this condom tastes like a Fruit Roll-Up that has been sprayed with Lysol.” Also, we appreciate that it takes a certain about of strain to maintain that position for men, but it’s not exactly a cakewalk for us either. Finally, maybe instead of “confusion,” a woman on the brink of an orgasm could be shown thinking “hells yes!” or at the very least “don’t stop.” ” (Jezebel)

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